11 Ideas For Night In Budapest

Budapest remains interesting even at night when the darkness covers it. It is safe to walk down the street at the evening, despite lots of people in ruin-bars. Not an obligation to be a party-lover to get inspired by a night in Budapest, and I’ll tell you my ideas.

My List Of Top-10 Things To Do In Evening/Night Budapest:

#1 Enjoy The City View While Swimming In A Warm Water With A Goblet Of Champagne

A thermal pool of Rudash bath which is located at the top and provides a breathtaking view of Danube banks – Buda and Pest. Imagine: all the city is filled with night light and you are not walking hard to see it, but relaxing in a pool and watch.  The night swimming is opened on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 pm till 04 am and costs 4800 HUF (appr. 16 EUR). More information you can look up at the page of Rudas thermal bath

#2 Have A Boat Trip Along The Danube River

When you come to the river you’ll see different ships that provide touristic cruises with dinner and drinks. You can choose one of them. But there is a life hack how to get such a trip (without food and drinks of course) for free. Well, almost for free. The trick is that if you buy a travel pass for 24 or more hours for all the transportation in Budapest, the river municipal transport is free for you. These lines are named D11, D12 and D 14, so if you have a pass just find the appropriate stops of the river boat and enjoy the trip. It is not a guarantee that you’ll quickly find a place to sit, but you’ll enjoy the adorable view of Parliament, Szecsenyi Bridge, Fishing Bastion, The castle and other sightseeings. That will be an unforgettable bonus to your Budapest vacation! Don’t forget to check the schedule and places where to buy the pass at the official page of Budapesti municipal transport.

#3 Go Over The Most Beautiful Bridge In Budapest

Sechenyi bridge leads you to the Buda side and there you should walk up to the Castle Hill. Or if you go by boat just get off at the boat stop “Varkert Bazar” and move up, along the panoramic hanging gardens. This place is created as a Сastle architecture ensemble. In Varkert Bazar concerts and exhibitions are often held, so as a bonus you can enjoy the live music while walking there. If you’re tired there is a lift that brings you up to the Castle.

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#4 Admire The Panorama Of Pest From Buda Castle

When you’re near the Castle, a beautiful view opens to your eyes, because Buda side is higher than Pest. From there you can see Parliament, Szecsenyi Bridge, Sent Istvan church, other buildings scattered all over Pest. Walk to the Castle yard through beautiful ceremonial gates and imagine how people few centuries before were riding in their carriages and got surprised by the beauty around. Sit in front of the Castle yard and look to the fountain that shows the hunting episode and look at the ruins of ancient castle. From another side you can see the Buda Hills.

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#5 Head Out To The Fisherman Bastion For A Unique Panorama

This place was created as a main viewing point of the city in the 19-th century. There are lots of ideas to take a photo in different ways – you can enter the 7 towers that symbolize 7 Hungarian tribes which created the state in 896 year – Magyarorszag. Or find an arch from which you’d like to capture the Parliament.  After 19 pm there is free entrance to the upper stage of the bastion and you can choose the best place to relax. And the music of Monti Csardas from a violinist will make your walk gorgeous.

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#6 Listen To A Musical Concert Or A Mass In Matyas Church And Sent Istvan Bazilika

The churches have very beautiful interiors and definitely deserve to be visited. There is special entrance time and fee for tourists during the day in Matyas church, but that’s not so interesting as to visit an event there.  Another thing is to come at the evening, from 6 pm till 20 pm, to free concerts or mass with an organ. If you don’t show that you’re tourist (I mean don’t come with a backpacker, or with a map, or ask something like a tourist) you’ll be awarded a cool evening with a pleasant music in a breathtaking place. Just say “Jo estejt kivanok”, which means “good evening” in Hungarian. For the schedule visit the pages of Matyas church and Basilica

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#7 See Musical Fountain At The Margit Island

This fountain gets colored at the evening and plays the full concert at 9 pm, but shorter musical water dances with 4 melodies are held every hour. Come earlier to have a sit and enjoy the atmosphere! It really looks like you’re in a theatre and the water jets dance in tact of music.

#8 Explore The Ruin-Bars

These are a kind of a unicity of the city. Ruin pubs or ruin bars are located in old yards, which breath with an old epoch. Each bar has its features and wants to surprise the tempted public with food, interior or entertainment. That’s why the owners bring there old things from a previous epoch that receive “second life” and make a sofa from a bath or hang the chairs to the roof or put old telephone apparatus for a joke. The oldest ones are Szimpla Kert and Fogas, and they remain of the best. Szimpla Kert is also open at daytime as a street food place. Here you can find out about the events in ruin-pubs

#9 Enjoy Bath Parties

This way you can spend the night only in the capital of Hungary because Budapest is the only capital in the world that is officially recognized as a resort. Such parties held in the most popular and the biggest one bath – Szechenyi thermal SPA. Lots of people gather in the water, have fun with light, drinks, and food. It costs approximately 50 EUR to enter the party. More detailed info you can see here

#10 Climb The Gellert Hill To See Budapest At 360 % View

If you look at the Gellert Hill you’ll see that it’s quite high and even has rocks, but there are lots of paths to go up the hill. If you make your feet go these paths, you’ll be awarded a wonderful view on your road and at the top, You’ll see lights of the Statue of Liberty, the Gellert thermal SPA, and all the sides of the city.

# 11 See the night wiew from one of the roof restaurants!

Enjoy Budapest every moment of your trip, 24 hours per day!


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